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What's new in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.x

ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 and 10.8.1 introduce new features, stability enhancements, and improved functionality throughout the product.

Functionality matrix

For a product overview of ArcGIS Enterprise, review the latest functionality matrix.

ArcGIS Enterprise licensing

As of 10.8, Utility Network and Parcel Fabric functionality can be accessed by users that have been assigned the appropriate user type extensions. The Utility Network and Parcel Fabric extensions are included in the GIS Professional Standard and GIS Professional Advanced user types. The Parcel Fabric extension can be included as an add-on license for user types with at least the capability to view and edit data, such as Creator, Editor, Field Worker, and GIS Professional Basic. The Utility Network extension is compatible with all user types. Users who are not assigned a user type that includes these extensions, or who have not been assigned these extensions as an add-on application, cannot access some of the Utility Network and Parcel Fabric service endpoints.

As of 10.8.1, users who have been assigned the ArcGIS Workflow Manager user type extension can access functionality in the next generation of ArcGIS Workflow Manager. The ArcGIS Workflow Manager user type extension is compatible with all user types.

ArcGIS Enterprise portal administrators can now use the importlicense command line utility to import a license file containing licensed apps and user types.

ArcGIS Web Adaptor

New options to configure ArcGIS Web Adaptor are available. You can configure additional server roles from the ArcGIS Web Adaptor configuration page or command line utility, including Notebook Server and ArcGIS Mission Server at 10.8, and ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server at 10.8.1. You also have the option to use the machine name instead of the server site URL with port numbers when configuring ArcGIS Web Adaptor.

ArcGIS Enterprise portal

Many new features and enhancements are available for mapping, analytics, and sharing workflows. Enhancements have also been made to the portal user experience, and the portal is now more responsive when you access it on smaller screens. For a detailed list of new and updated apps, as well as features and enhancements, see What's new in the ArcGIS Enterprise portal.

ArcGIS Server

ArcGIS Server sites offer several new features and improvements for publishing, editing, and administrative workflows. See What's new in ArcGIS Server.

ArcGIS Data Store

There have been a number of changes in how tile cache data stores are implemented and maintained. See What's new in ArcGIS Data Store for details on these and other changes in ArcGIS Data Store at 10.8 and 10.8.1.

ArcGIS Mission

10.8.1 features for ArcGIS Mission include improvements for ArcGIS Mission Manager, ArcGIS Mission Responder, and ArcGIS Mission Server. For more information, see What's new in ArcGIS Mission.

ArcGIS Mission is a new application in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 that equips organizations and teams with mission-focused, real-time situational awareness and collaboration tools for a comprehensive understanding of the operating environment. This enables users to create, share, and monitor a mission in real-time, designate maps and other materials for operations, facilitate peer-to-peer communication, and monitor the mission in real-time.

ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server

See What's new in ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server.

ArcGIS GeoEvent Server

An ArcGIS GeoEvent Server quick start guide is available in addition to the base deployment guide. The quick start guide provides an overview of ArcGIS GeoEvent Server and its real-time data analytics. You'll learn how to install the software, create input and output connectors, and more.

See What's new in ArcGIS GeoEvent Server.

ArcGIS Image Server

See What's new in ArcGIS Image Server.

ArcGIS Notebook Server

See What's new in ArcGIS Notebook Server.

ArcGIS Workflow Manager

ArcGIS Workflow Manager introduces a service-based architecture licensed through the ArcGIS Workflow Manager user type extension. This is an emerging implementation pattern that allows organizations to create web-based workflows with the new ArcGIS Workflow Manager web app and capability server. This newly introduced technology is not backwards compatible with the existing ArcGIS Workflow Manager (Classic) Server extension.

ArcGIS Enterprise SDK

The ArcGIS Enterprise SDK includes new features and enhancements. For more information, review the documentation.


See what's new for developers in ArcGIS Server administration, Portal administration, ArcGIS Services Directory, and the ArcGIS Portal Directory.

ArcGIS API for Python

ArcGIS API for Python includes new features and enhancements. For more information, review the documentation.

System requirements

ArcGIS Enterprise is now supported on Windows Server 2019 (64 bit) operating systems for Standard and Datacenter editions.

Group managed service accounts (gMSAs) are now supported for use in all ArcGIS Enterprise components.

For additional details regarding individual ArcGIS Enterprise components, see System requirements topics.

Cloud deployments

Tools and images you use to deploy ArcGIS Enterprise in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure have been improved for 10.8. See the following to learn more about new and improved functionality for ArcGIS Enterprise on these platforms: