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Configure a web map for Space Planner

Available for an ArcGIS organization licensed with the Indoors extension.

Verify your map and feature layers online

To create an Indoor Space Planner app, you first need to configure a web map as the starting point. The required layers for a Space Planner web map are published from ArcGIS Pro to your enterprise portal.

There should be an existing web map and a feature layer containing the People features, Units features, and Areas table.

  1. Open the web map shared from ArcGIS Pro in the web map viewer.
  2. Click Add and choose Search for layers.
  3. Choose the feature layer shared from ArcGIS Pro with People features, Units features, and Areas table.
  4. Rename or reorder the layers as preferred.
    1. Tip: It can be a good cartographic practice to order the people toward the top of the table of contents for your map, and to place the units between the Facilities and Levels polygon layers, and the Details line layers.
  5. Ensure that your map has the required layers: Facilities, Levels, Units, Occupants, and the Areas table.
    1. Other layers can be included as optional layers to aid in planning. Common optional layers include the Details feature class, which includes key points of interest or landmarks, as well as the Zones feature class if it contains useful planning information.
  6. Save your map.

Combine your layers

Once your maps are shared to your ArcGIS Enterprise portal, you need to combine the layers. Follow these steps to the add the versioned web feature layer to your web map and complete your web map configuration:

  1. Sign into your Enterprise portal using your organizational account.
  2. Click Content and search for the web map shared from ArcGIS Pro.
  3. Click Browse for the web map.
  4. Click Open in the map viewer.
  5. Add the optional Areas and IndoorsConfig tables to the web map by doing the following:
    1. Click Add.
    2. Click Search for Layers.
    3. Specify the content location for your layers.
    4. Locate the Space Planner web layer you published, and click Add.
    5. Click Details, then Contents to verify the web layer is added to your web map.
      Occupant features, units, and the Areas table should be added.
  6. Specify the draw order and rename the data layers from the feature layer.
  7. Save the web map.

    You can also add the web layer to your web map by copying the rest endpoint for your web layer and adding it to your web map by using Add then the Add Layer from Web option.

    You should also set the accessibility of the map to other members or groups in your organization. You can share the services the app uses to everyone who needs to use the app. If the services are not shared to everyone, the app will ask people to sign in with their organization’s credentials, and they will not be able to use the app until they do.

Your map is now ready for use in Space Planner.