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Manage people and spaces

Available for an ArcGIS organization licensed with the Indoors extension.

Once one or more plans are created, and a plan selected, the space manager can begin to reassign people to space using the app. This is done in 3 primary ways:

  • Unassign currently assigned people and spaces
  • Re-assign people and spaces
  • Create activity-based spaces like hotel and hot-desk areas

Unassign occupants

Space Planner includes a full list of employees in the People layer on the map. You can unassign people from spaces through the People list People or through the map. A common scenario would be when a team moves from one building to another on a campus. The entire team must first be unassigned from their current building before being assigned to a space in the new building.

Unassign occupants through the People list

When the People list People is activated in Space Planner, it lists all occupants contained in the map and their current space assignments. The People list can be used to highlight single occupants on the map or can be used to filter groups of occupants. Once the People list has be filtered, you can unassign all the occupants currently in the list.


Make sure the list is correct before performing any batch operation from the People list not unassign occupants accidentally.

Unassign occupants through the map

Spaces and occupants can be selected by clicking the map. When a space is selected, any assigned occupants are shown in a pop-up dialog box. Clicking the remove button (X) for the occupant unassigns the occupant from the space. If that person is the only occupant in the space, the space is also unassigned.

Unassign spaces through the Units list

Space Planner also includes a Units list Units. This list is similar to the People list People, but instead of showing all occupants, the Units list shows all of the units within the organization. With the Units list open, click on a unit to highlight that unit's information on the map. From there, you can assign or unassign an occupant to the unit in a pop-up dialog box.

Assign occupants

On the left side of the app, there is a toolbar containing functions specific to the current plan. This bar contains an Options button Options, containers for lists of unassigned occupants and spaces, and lists of activity-based spaces for hotels and hot desks. The Not assigned area of the toolbar is where you can see any occupants that are not currently matched to a space. Clicking the container button presents a list that can be searched or filtered to find the correct occupants to assign to a new space, hotel, or hot desk.

In addition, the cards for occupants in this list can be dragged on to spaces on the map. The target space highlights on the map, and when the mouse is released, the occupant is assigned to the space. If the target unit is part of a hotel or hot desk area, the person is assigned to that hotel or hot desk area.

Assign spaces

The Not assigned area contains a list of spaces that are not currently assigned to occupants, hotels, or hot desks. Clicking the Units button presents a list of units that have no current space assignment. Each space can be assigned individually, or the list can be filtered with results assigned all at once.

More options for assigning and unassigning

In addition to the actions in the curated lists and the map, Space Planner includes many options to unassign and re-assign occupants, spaces, hotels, and hot desks. Some lists also support dragging occupants on the map for assignment. Be sure to try them all to see which tools work best for you.

Create hotels and hot desk areas

The Assigned to area of the Plan toolbar contains areas called Hotels and Hot Desks. On opening these areas, you are presented with a list of current hotel and hot desk areas for your plan. Create a new hotel or hot desk area with the following steps:

  1. Click on Hotels to add a hotel area, or click on Hot Desks to add a hot desk area.
  2. Click the Add button.

    The area appears on the list.

  3. Click the new hotel or hot desk area to see a detailed view of the list of units and occupants, and a summary of statistics for the area.