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Mission status

A mission can exist in three states: Draft, Active, and Complete. A mission's status impacts how work on the mission proceeds, which tools are available, and which users can interact with the mission.

Draft — The status in which a mission is built and provisioned. In this state, Manager has access to the mission, but Responder cannot view or interact with it.

Active — This status allows users to engage and participate in a mission. Manager can make use of the mission analyst tools and Responder gains access to the mission.

Complete — The mission has ended but remains available for review and analysis. Responder does not have access and editing tools are no longer available.

Mission status is displayed in several places and can also be changed from the Mission Details page. A mission's status may be changed any number of times.

Mission status

To change the mission status:

  1. Click View Missions.
  2. Click Mission Details in your desired mission.
  3. Open the mission status drop down menu.
  4. Click your desired mission status.

    A notification will confirm your change to the new mission status.

Draft status

This is the status in which a mission is built. Most of the work of building and provisioning a mission must be done in this status, from the mission details page in Manager. Every mission is automatically placed in draft status after mission creation and remains there until actively changed.

A mission may be kept in draft status for any length of time. This could mean that the mission is still being prepared, or that the time for activation hasn't been reached yet. Responder cannot see any mission that is in draft status.

In draft status, all of the Manager tools are accessible and editing may be done freely. However, some tools, like the Chat and GeoMessage tools, will have limited function because they require interaction with users that may not yet have access to the mission.

Active status

This is the status which allows participation by all mission members. For Manager, this is done through the mission analyst experience. Responder users also gain access to the mission.

Active status can be maintained as long as necessary and individual users may engage the mission as necessary without affecting the mission status.

Complete status

When a mission has finished and no more participation is expected from Manager or Responder users, the mission should be placed in complete status. In Complete status, the mission details can be viewed from Manager, but editing tools are disabled and Responder no longer has access to the mission. This protects mission information from inappropriate change or additions.