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What is the GeoMessage tool

The concept of a geomessage is not new or unique to ArcGIS Mission. Conceptually, a geomessage is any communication that has geolocation data attached to it.

The GeoMessage tool in ArcGIS Mission combines the following into a single tool:

  • A user-created map graphic or feature
  • Additional data, such as a text message or photo
  • An option that allows you to decide who receives the message

The GeoMessage tool is primarily a communication tool. It is most visible during an active mission. The GeoMessage tool has some of the following advantages over using multiple, separate tools:

  • Allow mission members to optimize their communication
  • Share mission events or new map features
  • Ensure that new mission data is only visible to the mission members who need it
  • Avoid map clutter and overuse of chat tools
  • Allow analysts to track mission events and user activities precisely

Both ArcGIS Mission Manager and ArcGIS Mission Responder include GeoMessage tools that have identical functions but work slightly differently. For details about these tools, see Send a message for ArcGIS Mission Manager and Geomessage for ArcGIS Mission Responder.