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View the Events List

The Events List displays current events that have occurred from the time you connected to the mission. This consists of any changes that have happened in the mission details to provide analysts with an understanding of why certain aspects of the mission may have changed. The default order of these events will be with the most recent on top and is accessed through the Events List button in the mission analyst experience. If you log out of your current session, you will not see the events that occurred in the past and while you were offline.

The following information will appear in the Events List when there is:

  • An update to mission members (add/remove).
  • An update to mission teams (add/remove).
  • An update to additional materials (add/remove).
  • An update to the mission map.
  • An update to the mission overview details (Mission Name, Description, or Summary).

The user who makes changes to the mission details also appears in the Events List, along with the time the change occurs.

Sort mission Events List

The mission Events List has the most recent event appear at the top. However, you have the option to view the list from oldest to newest. To change the sort direction of the Events List, complete the following steps from the mission analyst view:

  1. Click the Events List button.
  2. Click Sort by: Ascending.

    The Events List changes to older events appearing at first. Newer events will appear at the bottom of the list.

    The button changes to Sort by: Descending.

  3. Click Sort by: Ascending again to change the direction to have newer events at the top.