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Mission Map panel

In the mission map panel, you can see a live picture of the current mission and use map tools to interact with mission content. Most of the map tools in the mission analyst experience are described in Define a mission map, including the following:

  • Zoom In/Out—Zooms in and out on the mission map.
  • Default Map View —Restores the mission map to the default extent and view without changing the basemap.
  • Basemaps—Changes the current basemap displayed in the mission map.
  • Bookmarks—Creates shortcuts to important locations. When selected, a bookmark zooms the map to the same location and extent as was selected at the time of its creation.
  • Layer/ Legend—Provides a list of operational layers in the mission map and their symbols and allows you to turn individual layers on and off.
    • Mission Messages—Contains the geomessages that were created and sent during the mission.
    • Last Known Locations—Contains the most recent location information from all Responder users.