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Sample notebooks

Several sample notebooks illustrate the range of capabilities and applications available in ArcGIS Notebooks. Each sample notebook demonstrates a workflow in a functional category, such as data science, spatial analysis, content management, or GIS administration.

Access the sample notebook library

To access the Esri Sample Notebooks library, complete the following steps:

  1. In the notebook editor, click Samples.
    Samples button
  2. Click a notebook title to view its item page. This provides additional information about the sample, and gives you options to preview, open, download, or share the sample.
  3. Optionally click the favorites button to add a notebook to Favorites.

Data science and analysis notebooks

Data science workflows aid in decision making. These sample notebooks use the big data processing and analysis capabilities of ArcGIS Notebook Server to quickly and efficiently provide insights and best options. Some sample notebooks require additional capabilities in your ArcGIS Enterprise deployment, as noted below.

The sample notebooks for data science analysis are as follows, organized by category:

  • Administration: Prepare portal items for notebooks
  • Aggregation analysis: Which college district has the fewest low-income families?
  • Correlation: Hurricane analysis, part 3/3 (requires ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server)
  • Crime Analysis: Boston Police (requires Advanced notebook runtime)
  • Data Preparation: Hurricane analysis, part 1/3 (requires ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server)
  • Data Summarization: Construction permits, part 2/2
  • Data Visualization: Construction permits, part 1/2
  • Deep Learning: Detect swimming pools (requires ArcGIS Image Server)
  • Deep Learning: Downscale climate models (requires Advanced notebook runtime)
  • Deep Learning: Predict El Niño–southern oscillation
  • EBK Regression: Identify urban heat islands (requires Advanced notebook runtime)
  • Exploratory Statistics: Hurricane analysis, part 2/3 (requires ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server)
  • Forest-based Classification: Predict asthma rates (requires Advanced notebook runtime)
  • Network Analysis: Investigate Chennai floods
  • Network Analysis: Track river pollutants (requires Hydrology utility service enabled)
  • Raster Analytics: Calculate wildfire landslide risk (requires ArcGIS Image Server)
  • Raster Analytics: Count features in satellite images
  • Raster Analytics: Pawnee fire analysis
  • Routing: Find the nearest hospital
  • Site Selection: Health clinics
  • Site Selection: Restaurant clusters (requires Advanced notebook runtime)

Administration notebooks

ArcGIS Notebooks powered by ArcGIS Notebook Server provide an efficient and intuitive way to automate tasks in ArcGIS Enterprise. These sample notebooks show the automation of common data management and portal administration workflows.

Notebooks for content management

Clean your data, organize your GIS content, and more in the following sample notebooks:

  • Check for broken URLs
  • Create service report by folder
  • Deploy automatic notifications
  • Identify insecure items
  • Prepare portal items for notebooks
  • Validate item metadata
  • Validate registered data stores

Notebooks for organization administration

Automate repetitive administrative tasks in the ArcGIS Enterprise portal using the following sample notebooks:

  • Check for broken URLs
  • Deploy automatic notifications
  • Identify insecure items
  • Manage inactive users
  • Set up license expiration notifications
  • Validate all federated servers
  • Validate user profiles