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Enable file geodatabase downloads

File geodatabases enable you to share volumes of data for download. To share a file geodatabase as part of a site's content, ensure that the data you want to share is published as a hosted feature layer and belongs to a group linked to your site, such as the default content group.

Allow data export on file geodatabases

File geodatabase downloads can be automatically generated for hosted feature services that have allowed data exports. Each hosted feature service will need to individually be set to allow data exports.

For more information on enabling hosted feature services for data export, see Managing hosted web layers.

  1. Sign in to Portal for ArcGIS as an administrator.
  2. Click Content.
  3. Find the geodatabase you want to share or see Publish the contents of a file geodatabase to upload a geodatabase and publish it as a hosted feature service.
  4. Click Settings on the item's page.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Data Export section.
  6. Click the checkbox to Allow others to export to different formats.
  7. Click Save.


To remove the file geodatabase download option, turn off data exports for the item and reindex the dataset.