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Monitor the status of work

Workflow Manager allows you to search for jobs and monitor work to help you make informed decisions in the deployment of your workforce. Summary charts provide a graphical representation of job properties, including Job Status, Percent Complete, Job Priority, and Job Type. Complete these steps to search for jobs and to filter and monitor the status of work in Workflow Manager:

  1. Access the Workflow Manager web app.
  2. Click the Manage tab.

    The Manage page appears.


    If you don’t have sufficient privileges, you won’t see the Manage tab.

  3. Click the Search tab Search.
  4. Search for jobs using one of the following methods:.
    • Click one of the predefined search options under Shared.
    • Type a search term in the Search Jobs text box and press Enter.

      Searches you perform appear under Recent on the Search panel. Hover over a recent search to view the search criteria. You can also edit a recent search by clicking the Edit Search button Edit Search or delete it by clicking the Delete Search button Delete Search. Recent searches are available until you log out of the Workflow Manager web app.

    Jobs that match your search appear on the map, and in the List and Summary panels.

  5. Optionally, hover over a section of a chart in the Summary panel to view job properties and percentage information.

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