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The Report tool allows Responder users to gather and submit information relevant to the mission, using a predetermined and optimized format. When a report is submitted, it is saved as part of the mission and made available to other mission members through the mission map.

Reports can be submitted independently or as part of a Task. A report can include notes and up to three images. Once submitted, a report appears on the mission map as a point, which can be tapped to open a read-only version of the report.

Submit a report

A report may have multiple fields available for editing but only the Subject (or title) field is required for submission. All the fields are editable up until the time that the report is submitted, after which the report cannot be accessed by anyone except in read-only mode.

Attaching images to a report can be done either by utilizing the device's camera or by attaching images from the gallery.

To submit a report, complete the following steps:

  1. Tap the Report tool to open the form.
  2. Enter a subject.
  3. Fill the Notes field (up to 500 text characters) if desired.
  4. Attach up to three images, if desired.
  5. Tap Submit Report.

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