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Adjust sharing controls

Most items, including sites, pages, and web maps, that are created or shared with ArcGIS Enterprise Sites have their own sharing controls so that you can choose who can view and edit your site's content. By default, all new items created with ArcGIS Enterprise Sites are shared privately with the site's core team group and content group.

A group is a way for people to organize items around a topic or purpose. ArcGIS Enterprise Sites uses groups to help you organize the content you want to share on your sites and pages. For more information on your site's default groups, see How do I add content?

To change the sharing settings for an item, you must be an administrator or the item's owner (the person who originally created the item). Core team members can also adjust the sharing controls on items that are shared with the core team group. This includes the site and any pages.

Give view access

Sharing an item with a group that's labeled View Access provides members of that group with the ability to see the item, such as a page or story map, but they cannot edit the item unless they are the item's owner (the person who originally created the item).

By default, every site includes one View Access group called the site-name content group. Items that are automatically shared to this group include the following:

  • Existing items added to a site's content library
  • Items uploaded to a content library using a URL
  • New items created in a site

Anyone added to a core team is automatically added as a member of the content group. This means that core team members can view a site's items and use them to design a site. A member cannot edit the item unless the item has also been shared with the core team.

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS Enterprise and open an item, such as a page or site, in edit mode.

    Not all items have sharing controls in the context of ArcGIS Enterprise Sites. You may have to go to ArcGIS Enterprise Portal to adjust the sharing controls for certain items.

  2. Click the visibility drop-down menu next to the Save button in the edit navigation bar and choose from the following visibility options:
    • Public a world—Anyone, with or without an account, can see the item.
    • Organization a building—Anyone who has an account with the ArcGIS Enterprise Portal can see the item.
    • Shared shared—Anyone who is a member of the group or groups that you select in the side panel under Share with Others can see the item.
  3. If you selected Shared, click Add Others and select a View Access group or groups.
  4. Confirm your selection by clicking Select. Selected groups appear under Who Can View in the side panel.

Give edit access

If you want others to edit an item, you must share the item with a group that was configured with the update capability. In ArcGIS Enterprise Sites, these groups have the Edit Access label.


You cannot configure an existing group with update capabilities, meaning you cannot turn a view group into an edit group. Edit groups are configured during group creation in ArcGIS Enterprise Sites. For more information, see Shared update groups.

Any member of an update group can edit an item shared to the group, including web maps, story maps, and datasets. By default, every site includes one Edit Access group called the core team. By sharing items with this group (your core team), members can edit shared content and adjust the item's sharing controls.

Items that are automatically shared with the core team include the following:

  • All new sites and pages

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS Enterprise Sites and open an item, such as a web map, in edit mode.
  2. In the side panel, click the toggle button shared.
  3. Click Add Others.
  4. Select an Edit Access group or groups.
  5. Click Select to confirm your selection. Selected groups appear under Who Can Edit in the side panel.

    If you also want others to view the item, including the public, use the visibility drop-down menu next to Save on your site's edit navigation bar. This drop-down menu provides you with the option to share the item with all members of the organization or with the public. For more information, refer to Give view access.

Adjust sharing settings in ArcGIS Enterprise Portal

Some items do not have sharing controls in ArcGIS Enterprise Sites. If you do not see the sharing controls for an item in Sites, you can go to the content section in ArcGIS Enterprise.

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS Enterprise and click Sites in the app switcher.
  2. On Overview, click the more button ellipses and click Go to ArcGIS Enterprise.
  3. Click Content at the top of the page and make sure that My Content is also selected in the second navigation bar.

    If the item you want to share is already shared with your site's content group, you can click Groups in the second navigation bar and open that group to access the item you want to share.

  4. In the list of items, find the item you want to share.
  5. Click the item's sharing button and choose Organization.

    If you want to share an item with a specific group, click to select groups.

  6. Click OK.

    To return to ArcGIS Enterprise Sites, click the app switcher next to your user profile and choose Sites.