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What's new

Location tracking is now available as an organization-wide capability on ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise, allowing you to record where users are and where they have been. The location tracking layer stores tracked locations as point features. The tracks are secure within the location tracking layer: users only see their tracks, with additional permissions required to view the tracks of others. With permission, users can see last known locations and perform analysis on the tracks.

ArcGIS Tracker is a new product that uses the location tracking layer in two new apps: the ArcGIS Tracker mobile app and the Track Viewer web app. The Tracker mobile app is optimized for tracking locations in the background, minimizing the impact on device battery. The mobile app records tracks independent of a data connection and provides mobile users control of when they are and aren't tracked. The Track Viewer web app allows administrators to create track views, defining who is tracked and who can view those tracks. Authorized users can use the Track Viewer web app to view tracks.


If you're looking for what's new in previous releases, see Archived what's new.

Mobile app—20.1.0

The 20.1.0 release of the ArcGIS Tracker mobile app includes the following capabilities:

  • Start and stop tracking with the companion watchOS app (iOS only).
  • Auto-generate a unique ID for each tracking session.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements, including BUG–000127960 and BUG-000127961.

Track Viewer web app—ArcGIS Online

The Track Viewer web app on ArcGIS Online was released in March 2020. This version includes the following capabilities:

Track Viewer web app—ArcGIS Enterprise

The latest version of the Track Viewer web app on ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 was released in February 2020. This version includes the following capabilities:

  • Included with ArcGIS Enterprise.
  • Change basemaps when viewing tracks.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.