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Legend (Demographic/General_Election_20191012)

Governor (0)
"Eddie" Rispone (REP) "Eddie" Rispone (REP)
John Bel Edwards (DEM) John Bel Edwards (DEM)
Lieutenant Governor (1)
William "Billy" Nungesser (REP) William "Billy" Nungesser (REP)
Willie Jones (DEM) Willie Jones (DEM)
Secretary of State (2)
"Gwen" Collins-Greenup (DEM) "Gwen" Collins-Greenup (DEM)
Kyle Ardoin (REP) Kyle Ardoin (REP)
Attorney General (3)
"Ike" Jackson Jr. (DEM) "Ike" Jackson Jr. (DEM)
"Jeff" Landry (REP) "Jeff" Landry (REP)
Treasurer (4)
Derrick Edwards (DEM) Derrick Edwards (DEM)
John M. Schroder (REP) John M. Schroder (REP)
Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry (5)
Marguerite Green (DEM) Marguerite Green (DEM)
Michael G. "Mike" Strain (REP) Michael G. "Mike" Strain (REP)
Peter Williams (DEM) Peter Williams (DEM)
Commissioner of Insurance (6)
"Tim" Temple (REP) "Tim" Temple (REP)
James J. "Jim" Donelon (REP) James J. "Jim" Donelon (REP)
BESE District 6 (7)
"Ronnie" Morris (REP) "Ronnie" Morris (REP)
Ciara Hart (DEM) Ciara Hart (DEM)
BESE District 8 (8)
Chakesha Webb Scott (DEM) Chakesha Webb Scott (DEM)
Preston Castille (DEM) Preston Castille (DEM)
Vereta Tanner Lee (DEM) Vereta Tanner Lee (DEM)
La. Senate District 6 (9)
Mack "Bodi" White (REP) Mack "Bodi" White (REP)
La. Senate District 13 (10)
Edith Carlin (REP) Edith Carlin (REP)
J. Rogers Pope (REP) J. Rogers Pope (REP)
La. Senate District 14 (11)
Cleo Fields (DEM) Cleo Fields (DEM)
Patricia "Pat" Smith (DEM) Patricia "Pat" Smith (DEM)
La. Senate District 15 (12)
Regina A. Barrow (DEM) Regina A. Barrow (DEM)
La. Senate District 16 (13)
"Steve" Carter (REP) "Steve" Carter (REP)
Beverly Brooks Thompson (DEM) Beverly Brooks Thompson (DEM)
Franklin Foil (REP) Franklin Foil (REP)
La. House District 62 (14)
"Johnny" Arceneaux (REP) "Johnny" Arceneaux (REP)
Roy Daryl Adams (IND) Roy Daryl Adams (IND)
La. House District 63 (15)
Barbara West Carpenter (DEM) Barbara West Carpenter (DEM)
Dalton Honore (DEM) Dalton Honore (DEM)
La. House District 66 (16)
"Rick" Edmonds (REP) "Rick" Edmonds (REP)
Morgan Lamandre (DEM) Morgan Lamandre (DEM)
La. House District 67 (17)
Jocita Williams (REP) Jocita Williams (REP)
Larry Selders (DEM) Larry Selders (DEM)
Leah Cullins (DEM) Leah Cullins (DEM)
La. House District 68 (18)
Laura White "Laurie" Adams (REP) Laura White "Laurie" Adams (REP)
Scott McKnight (REP) Scott McKnight (REP)
Taryn C. Branson (DEM) Taryn C. Branson (DEM)
La. House District 69 (19)
Paula Davis (REP) Paula Davis (REP)
La. House District 70 (20)
Barbara Reich Freiberg (REP) Barbara Reich Freiberg (REP)
Belinda Davis (DEM) Belinda Davis (DEM)
Michael DiResto (REP) Michael DiResto (REP)
EBR Sheriff (21)
"Sid" J. Gautreaux III (REP) "Sid" J. Gautreaux III (REP)
EBR Assessor (22)
Brian Wilson (REP) Brian Wilson (REP)
Candidates Tied Candidates Tied
Jonathan Holloway Sr. (DEM) Jonathan Holloway Sr. (DEM)
EBR Clerk of Court (23)
"Doug" Welborn (REP) "Doug" Welborn (REP)
Donna Collins Lewis (DEM) Donna Collins Lewis (DEM)
EBR Coroner (24)
"Beau" Clark (REP) "Beau" Clark (REP)
Candidates Tied Candidates Tied
Rani Whitfield (DEM) Rani Whitfield (DEM)
19th JDC, Division 2A (25)
Beau Brock (REP) Beau Brock (REP)
Tarvald Smith (DEM) Tarvald Smith (DEM)
19th JDC, Division 2L (26)
"Trae" Welch (REP) "Trae" Welch (REP)
Ronald "Ron" Johnson (DEM) Ronald "Ron" Johnson (DEM)
19th JDC, Division 3C (27)
Beau Higginbotham (REP) Beau Higginbotham (REP)
Juvenile Court, Division 2B (28)
Gail Grover (DEM) Gail Grover (DEM)
Niles Haymer (DEM) Niles Haymer (DEM)
Incorporation of Saint George (29)
No No
Tied Tied
Yes Yes
Constitutional Amendment 1 (30)
No No
Yes Yes
Constitutional Amendment 2 (31)
No No
Yes Yes
Constitutional Amendment 3 (32)
No No
Tied Tied
Yes Yes
Constitutional Amendment 4 (33)
No No
Tied Tied
Yes Yes
Goodwood Homesites CPD Fee (34)
Yes Yes