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Legend (Transportation/Bus_Route)

Bus Route (0)
Airline Hwy North/Southern University Airline Hwy North/Southern University
Baker/Southern University/CATS Terminal Baker/Southern University/CATS Terminal
Blount Rd Blount Rd
Capitol Park Shuttle Capitol Park Shuttle
Coursey Blvd/O'Neal Ln/Cortana Mall Coursey Blvd/O'Neal Ln/Cortana Mall
East Florida Blvd/O'Neal Ln East Florida Blvd/O'Neal Ln
Fairfields Ave/Cortana Mall Fairfields Ave/Cortana Mall
Florida Blvd Limited Florida Blvd Limited
Florida Blvd/Cortana Mall Florida Blvd/Cortana Mall
Foster Dr Foster Dr
Gardere/OLOL/L'Auberge Gardere/OLOL/L'Auberge
Government St/Jefferson Hwy Government St/Jefferson Hwy
Gus Young Ave/BRCC Gus Young Ave/BRCC
Highland Rd Highland Rd
LSU/Cortana Mall LSU/Cortana Mall
Medical Circulator Medical Circulator
N Acadian Thwy N Acadian Thwy
Northside Circulator Northside Circulator
Perkins Rd/Mall of Louisiana Perkins Rd/Mall of Louisiana
Plank Express Plank Express
Plank Rd Plank Rd
Scenic Hwy/Southern University Scenic Hwy/Southern University
Sherwood Forest Blvd Sherwood Forest Blvd
Southern Shuttle Circulator Southern Shuttle Circulator
Thomas Delpit Dr Thomas Delpit Dr
Winbourne Ave/Walmart Winbourne Ave/Walmart